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Peter/Olivia Caged Until Season 3

Peter & Olivia in cages, Fringe

The Season 2 finale of Fringe aired on May 20, 2010. It was a motion-picture quality thriller with plenty of drama, humor, romance and science fiction brain teasers. Those “shippers” who waited all season for Agent Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop to “shut up and kiss already!” were not disappointed. But things are never that easy in a long distance relationship, especially when you live in different universes. Frequent flier miles are no help in this situation.

Tune in this September to find out how long it takes Peter to get over his enjoyment of Liv’s new hairstyle and realize something’s not quite right. Will he get a matching tattoo? Will Alt Olivia decide blondes have more fun? Will solitary confinement serve as rehab for our Olivia’s drinking problem? Will Rachel & Ella find they’ve worn out their welcome with this new, sinister sister? Most of all, will the real Sam Weiss please stand up?