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Fringe Star Makes Fans GLEEful

Jasika Nicole

Jasika Nicole, Fringe's "Astrid," has a background in art and music, including show choir.

She’s cute, bubbly, smart, feisty, brave and possibly the worst babysitter in the world when it comes to keeping Walter Bishop out of trouble. Yes, we’re talking about Junior FBI Agent Astrid Farnsworth!

As much as fans love the character of Astrid, they love the actress who portrays her even more. Jasika Nicole is truly a multi-talented powerhouse, capable of handling a range of acting roles. Fans got an all-to-brief glimpse of her formidable musical theatre talent in “Brown Betty,” and a flash of mystery with the sudden appearance of Alter Astrid in the Season 2 finale.

What surprises could Ms. Nicole have up her sleeve for Season 3? What’s she up to during the hiatus? Is she really the “cheeky little sausage” John Noble describes on the set? And, most of all, when is she going to sing and dance her way into America’s heart via a recurring role on Glee?

The Fringe Report discussed all this and more in a special chat session on June 16. We sang Nicole’s praises and submitted some of our wildest crackpot theories regarding Astrid and Alter Astrid.  Immediately following our chat, the TFR crew linked over to NDB Media’s Blogtalkradio, with guest hosts Nadine Ramsden and Kenn Weeks (our good friends from Wormholeriders News Service). The online radio show welcomed Nicole for a live interview.

She was only obligated to be there for 15 minutes, but fans flooded the chat room and the call-in line. The gracious actress extended her stay to a full hour as hosts and callers asked her about everything from Fringe season 3 spoilers to her budding career in art and graphic novels. Finally, when asked the TV show on which she’d most like to make a guest appearance, Nicole revealed her love for the Fox show, Glee. Little did she know, this this played right into our hands…

Our blog and podcast site at The Fringe Report had launched its newest Fringe Fan Initiative earlier that same day. Yes, it’s a drive to see Jasika Nicole become a recurring guest star on Glee! We posted an online petition and also emailed information to Nicole’s publicist, as well as various media outlets. Now it’s up to fans, friends, social media and any casting directors who know what’s good for them.

Sign the petition online to make your voice heard as clear and sweet as Esther Figglesworth doing a number from “A Chorus Line.” No jazz hands required!