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He Was Robbed!

The Emmy nominations were announced in the early morning hours of July 8. And so began The Age of Anger for Fringe fans everywhere. Fringe was nominated for best sound editing in a television series. Period. WHAT? No Anna Torv. No Akiva Goldsman. Most enraging of all, no John Noble! My faith in humanity and all hope for good taste in this universe just died the death of one thousand mole babies. In a word: disgraceful.

Judging by their approximately 647 nominations each, Glee, Mad Men and 30 Rock are the only shows watched by members of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Or maybe they just read about them in People. Seriously, how many times was Alec Baldwin allowed to vote?

I was speechless when I read that the recently cancelled Flash Forward received three nominations vs. Fringe’s one. I think the Emmy voters could use a good Blue Hand upside their empty little heads. Even Antique Roadshow and iCarly were nominated, for cryin’ out loud! It just ain’t right, I tells ya!

Of course many fine nominees did make the Emmy cut: Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory, Matthew Fox for Lost, Jane Lynch for Glee, among others. Hooray for them. But I for one am tired of seeing a list full of people I’ve never heard of on shows I have to pay to see. In my opinion, The Academy is broken, broken bad.

Why are January Jones (Ms. Mannequin 2009) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Mouth that Roared) on the best actress in a drama series list? Anna Torv could outperform both of them with one epic Dunham glare. And she has done so for two consecutive seasons now. They better both stay home on Emmy night or Emmy won’t have a head left to refreeze. BOOM! You got dunhammed!

For now, I’m officially in mourning. Cortexifans will don their blacks and greys as usual to honor the show, but now we must add blue or red armbands as a sign of rebellion. John Noble, you are the King of Television Arts & Sciences in our hearts. Keep doing what you’re doing as Dr. Walter Bishop, please, and your fans will keep singing your praises. Even if we are not on Glee, we know you can hear us.


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  1. “Age of Anger” love it! Copyright it!! We are indeed very angry, but so happy that Fringe starts shooting today, whoopee!!

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