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The Road to Somewhere

This blog post is the first of many to come as I plan a road trip from Dallas to New York. I will be attending Comic Con Oct. 8-10, but that’s not the only highlight. I’ll be visiting family, friends and fall foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway. With my current status on the overcrowded job market, there’s no rush. In short: I’m likely to wander off almost anywhere. It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s perfect!

To start the process, I did a little mapping on AAA-Texas.org. My main goal is not getting from point A to point B, but finding any excuse to extend the trip. Limiting factors include weather, my less-than-stoic camping skills, narcoleptic driving tendencies and (last but not least) limited funds. I refuse to let any of that deter my good intentions, however. Admiring the colorful graphic push pins along my route, I can’t help but feel optimistic. Even inspired. I hope my few blog readers will feel the same as I track my journey here in words and pictures.