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Fringe Idol

The Fringe Report's Levi, Craig and Ian give me pointers.

October 6, 2010 — Today is a blur. I stayed behind the wheel until 2 a.m. last night, so the first order of business was to sleep in this morning. I got on the road with no time to waste, because I had a podcast to crash!

I’m truly not a stalker. The simple act of stating this in print, online, repeatedly, probably means I am wrong about that. Still, I can safely say I did NOT travel across the country wearing adult diapers to see Craig, Ian and Levi at The Fringe Report. No. I took frequent rest stops, and was not carrying duct tape or knives or chloroform.

When the leaders of my Fringe fandom asked if I wanted to appear on the show tonight, however, I did have to cackle with glee. Not “GLEE”. But real happiness. Starting tonight, I would become a full-fledged internet celebrity of major clout and esteem. Second only to Hodgeman and the double rainbow guy. This could be the start of a brilliant show business career!

Frankly, I’m still surprised they gave me a real address. They didn’t even turn all the lights out  and pretend to be on vacation! Ian was the first one brave enough to come to the door and give me a hug. But only because his girlfriend was there, protecting him.

TFR studio audience of one, Belinda. Ian still can't believe he managed to attract such a cutie!

Downstairs, I got a firsthand look at what goes on behind the scenes. Podcasting is no simple matter. Levi operates at least 12 computers, cameras and other things connected with many, many wires. Ian, Levi, Craig and Belinda pitched in to set up the high-tech sound stage. (They hung a curtain, a giant poster and some super-hot lights.) There were snack crackers and water. I got my own chair. The lazy cameraman, Gary, just lounged around in his pajamas.

When the podcast began, I wasn’t sure where to look. The camera? the guys? the studio audience (Belinda)? Gary? my sweaty hands? But pretty soon I was having a great time just talking about Fringe as we do every Wednesday night. Only this was more challenging because I couldn’t just blurt out every stupid comment that popped into my head, which is what I usually do in the chat room. I am usually the “hall monitor” of the chat room, “banning” people with stern warnings if they say anything I disagree with. I was able to shout out bans on a couple of occasions tonight, but it just wasn’t the same. I guess I do tend to communicate better in writing.

It is a huge undertaking and time committment to produce a weekly podcast. I’m still in awe of The Fringe Report and am proud to be considered their den mother. Everyone in the chat room was so sweet and complimentary during the show tonight. I do hope they realize, however, that I will be back in full ban-tastic form online next week.

For now, I’m enjoying a victory pizza in my hotel room and preparing my game plan for navigating the New Jersey Turnpike tomorrow. Comic Con, here I come!


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  1. Lola! It was sooo great to actually meet you. You fit right in with the crew, just like we knew you would. You’re always welcome.

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