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UPDATE: This love letter to Fringe and its fandom was written in 2010. Since then, so much has happened. The good news is, so much is still about to

The wonderful John Noble (Walter Bishop on Fringe) is currently chewing up the scenery as a baddie in Sleepy Hollow. Josh Jackson (Peter Bishop) had a well-received movie screened at Sundance last year, and rumors about that both he and Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham) have TV series’ in the works in the near future. So keep your DVR searches on high alert and enjoy the fact that Fringe is available on DVD as well as Netflix.


"Fringe" promo photo

Two TV seasons ago, I met Fringe and fell in love. At first, I thought it was just a crush. My relationship with the sci-fi series and its quirky fan base has blossomed into something strangely beautiful. I mean that. It’s a beautiful thing, dude. And it’s really strange. What I’m saying is, I guess you had to be there. But if you were there, the Fringe love affair probably doesn’t seem strange at all.

Much like the odd little family unit made up of Olivia, Walter, Peter, Astrid and Gene the Cow, Fringe fans jumped on the bandwagon in a hurry. We are devoted, yet suspicious; funny, yet dramatic; educated, yet gullible; sacred, yet profane; mature, yet childlike. We form a global community.

We are more than just wild-eyed scientists and conspiracy theorists. Fringe fandom spans many pop culture subgroups: geeks, gamers, Tweeps, X-Filers, Trekkies, Star Warsians, Stargaters, LOSTies, Abramsologists, and Mac Users — just to name a few.

The odd mix of interests makes for some bizarre chat room conversations. We LOVE this!

The above explanation, I hope, sets the stage for upcoming posts concerning fictional characters and outlandish situations. Don’t over think it. Come along for the ride. Open your mind to wondrous impossibilities. Have fun and prepare to be entertained.

Click on as many Fringe-related websites as you can find, especially my favorite, The Fringe Report. These guys are talented, funny and very Fringe. They do a weekly live podcast and actually let me on their blog!

Most importantly, start watching Fringe on Fox, Thursdays, 8PM CST (in the United States). You WILL be assimilated!