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Fringe Report Flashback: March 2010

notebook.march30.2010Originally published March 31, 2010 — In the same vein as ‘Walter’s Lab Notes’ published by Fox for each episode of Fringe Season 1, TFR’s Notebook will share a variety of comments, musings, jots and doodles as they enter the weekly stream of consciousness known as The Fringe Report.

Noted from “Peter” preview clip (Made a Mistake): Eric Stoltz was originally cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future. A zeppelin, as seen above the movie theater, also appears in Stoltz’s current series Caprica on SyFy.

MarDarrell (Darrell) interprets the Morse code in Fox’s audio clip “Walters Phone Log” as “He Will”. Levi equates the phone log’s “boom” sound effect with the visual blue flare often seen on Fringe.

G-Phunk reference: George Musser’s Idiot’s Guide to String Theory

Sahar: Is Walter an absent father in both universes?

Lola: Notes the shape (seen from above) of Walter’s portal on the ice is very similar to the Omega symbol.

Ian invents a new verb: zeppelinning; the act of flying around in a zeppelin.

Craig earns this week’s Gene Award for his theories. 1) maybe ZFT taught recruits to wear “the blacks and greys” in order to blend in easily with the drab, militarized society we now see in the alternate universe; and 2) August of alternate 1985 shows an ability to understand humor better than the other Observers, so possibly he’s more open to emotion and thus ends up falling love with Christine in our universe circa 2009.

Ian speculates why Walter didn’t send Peter back to his universe. Was this part of the “deal” he mentions in the coffee shop scene with August in episode 2.08 “August”? Was the deal to return Peter at a set time in the future or immediately?

POLL: please notify TFR if you prefer chat program Chatango vs. UStream chat!

CONTEST: Person who suggests new closing tagline for Levi will win Fringe soundtrack (soon to be released). Deadline is April 15. The hosts and blog editors not eligible, but will judge entries. Send entries via email or phone message. Sahar & Lola sulk exclusion to contest, but soon get over it. Maybe. For now.

Ocean5oul really likes the sign-off idea of “Holy Crap, Jessup!” but this is considered too extreme, even for the Internet. RedViking is secretly plotting.

NOTE: Ian owns all rights to the fantastic new WalterGrabber line of products, including MrsWalterGrabber, BabyWalterGrabber, WalterGrabberPLUS and more. (We are not sure what their purpose is yet, but they are already sold out in the TFR store.)