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Thanks for the Memories & the Metas

content-shock.cropIn case anyone was wondering why I’m suddenly blogging again, just take at look at your TV schedule. All my shows are on hiatus, pretty much. So, yeah. It’s this or fling myself like a helpless moth toward the yellow flickering death glow of fan fiction sites until my eyes bleed.

Oops, hang on, I just need to wipe this annoying red fluid off the keyboard for a sec…. All clear.

I very much want to start writing metas for BBC’s Sherlock, so I decided to take a look at some of my beloved chronicals of the Fringe era. I loved it and love it still!


To do that, I had to take a trip through The Wayback Machine. So please forgive me if you stumble in here with your own eyes bleeding from Tumblr and feel like you fell into a portal to 2010.

My advice: just go with it. Pop some corn, stir up some pudding and whip out the Red Vines as you do a full-on Fringe rewatch with me. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the theories we had back then, and remember the friends we made during the bittersweet Age of Anger.

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