About Me

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What is a journalist/editor/twitterer/blogger/humorist? It’s me. If you spend much time here at The Editor’s Desk, you’ll get to know me fairly well. I enjoy writing. I protect and nurture the concept that writing enjoys me right back. It completes me.

If you need excellent writing and editing support, here are some key facts you should know:

  • My broad-based publishing experience makes me a dynamic addition to any organization.
  • I can develop content to fit any digital medium or market.
  • I am a true team player, willing to pitch in wherever needed to guarantee success.
  • A proven leader, I have successfully built long-term relationships with subject-matter experts, advertisers and corporate executives.
  • In addition to recognizing my writing ability, employers praise my upbeat attitude, technical savvy, professionalism and creativity.
  • I have a pretty great resume.

Let me know if you have a writing or editing project I can help with!