Fond Memories from The Fringe Report
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Fond Memories from The Fringe Report

THE NOTEBOOK: April 7, 2010 Meta love and memories from our online discussions of Fringe with The Fringe Report and its lovely fandom back in the olden days. Happily, you can relive it ALL on Netflix! In the same vein as ‘Walter’s Lab Notes’ published by Fox for each episode of Fringe Season 1, TFR’s … Continue reading


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FRINGE: September’s Notebook

Written from the perspective of the Observer known as September, his notebook provides a meticulously crafted account of the Fringe characters, agencies, and cases. Uncover shocking truths about the Fringe Division and Massive Dynamic; and revisit the extraordinary science and the astounding mysteries at the heart of the Fringe story. FRINGE: September’s Notebook is ready … Continue reading