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How to Use Twitter for Healthcare Effectively (4 Tips) – referralMD

See on – Writing for the Web & Content Marketing The content you’re sharing from others should always be relevant to the topics you’re typically covering in healthcare professionally on Twitter and occasionally your personal interests as well. Share the articles of others, retweet the tweets of … Lola Howle‘s insight: Always stay professional, with … Continue reading

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41 little-known social media features

When I go to Disneyland, I race to the famous rides first: Splash Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Indiana Jones. They’re the biggest and best. But there are many attractions I miss in my sprint for the headliners. Social networks are like the rides at Disneyland. There are so many social media sites and features that … Continue reading


Your smartphone is a pain in the neck

Chances are sitting now with your head is tilted forward, your shoulders curved. There’s a name for the pain that position can cause: Text Neck. Source: I knew it! I have terminal “text neck”! ouch. See on – Orthopedic surgery Advertisements Continue reading


Looking Ahead: The Future of the Internet

What will the internet look like in the near future, 20 years, 100 years? We explore the possibilities in this illustration. Source: Networking in the clouds (via balloons) and wearable books. Catch up on your work and sleep now, because nothing much productive might be happening after that? Hint: stock up on balloons now? … Continue reading


The Short Cutts | Every Matt Cutts video summarised into a short answer

Get the short answers to 100s of Matt Cutts Web Master videos: The Short Cutts


I love that you can search by T-shirt color. Also, “most common SEO mistake? not having a website”  uh oh.

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Fringe Report Flashback: March 2010
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Fringe Report Flashback: March 2010

Originally published March 31, 2010 — In the same vein as ‘Walter’s Lab Notes’ published by Fox for each episode of Fringe Season 1, TFR’s Notebook will share a variety of comments, musings, jots and doodles as they enter the weekly stream of consciousness known as The Fringe Report. Noted from “Peter” preview clip (Made … Continue reading